Elizabeth T. Ploshay

Elizabeth T. Ploshay Headshot

Elizabeth T. Ploshay
Qualifications for Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors

The Bitcoin currency brings together the best of technological advancement, ingenuity, individual responsibility and most importantly limited government principles.  As the Manager of Communications for Bitcoin Magazine, I first learned about Bitcoin back in January of this year.  Since my first exposure I have been fascinated and have wanted to do all I can to continue to bring the Bitcoin currency to a place of prominence, utility and long term success.

Having previously served as a Scheduler and Middle Eastern Policy Assistant for Chief Deputy Majority Whip, Congressman Peter J. Roskam (IL-06), I have a deep understanding of Washington, DC and international politics.  Prior to working for the Congressman, I traveled to DC on several lobbying missions to discuss Middle Eastern policy with Members of Congress and staff.  I understand what it takes from the logistical to policy side of things to get the job done and to communicate a concise message to leadership within the United States and internationally.  We must be prepared to reach out to governing bodies in the US and around the world should there be an unfortunate crack-down on the Bitcoin currency.  Organization and knowledge are key and an understanding not only of Washington, DC but global political systems is vital and needed on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors.  We must always remain ahead in terms of getting members of the Bitcoin community prepared for any and all potentialities.

It is key that the Bitcoin community, spearheaded by the Bitcoin Foundation, keep an information edge and understand what it takes to communicate clearly the merits and utility of Bitcoin, not just on an individual level but the value Bitcoin has for large groups of people and nations.

It would be an honor to share my communications, political, lobbying, organizational, skills and passion for the Bitcoin currency in service on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directions.

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