Thank You for Your Support!  I Look Forward to Serving You!

Dear Members of the Bitcoin Foundation and Community,

It is a privilege to now have an opportunity to serve you on the Bitcoin Foundation Board.

I would like to thank the many individuals who supported me during the election and for those of you who participated in voting and asking questions of myself and the exceptional candidates I ran alongside.

Moving forward I would like to work with not only each former candidate but each member of the Bitcoin Foundation to expand the Foundation membership base and also the global reach and success of Bitcoin.

As the first democratically elected board member of the Foundation I want to ensure that I am accessible and available to you as members. I encourage you to get more involved in not just the Foundation but the Bitcoin community and to actively share your views on the forum.

Additionally, I will work to develop a better system for membership engagement where ideas and issues can be elevated to an appropriate level for an organized discussion by the general membership. As a representative of the individual members, I will plan to spearhead the implementation of a campaign that allows individuals to more effectively interact with the Bitcoin Foundation as an organization. By effectively coordinating the valuable time, intellect, and efforts of our members, we will change the nature of the Bitcoin Foundation from its limiting beginnings as a top-down group to an exponentially more effective bottom-up organization.

I also look forward to working with each Foundation committee to continue to shape the Bitcoin Foundation into a strong information aggregate and resource center for not only Foundation Members and Bitcoin community members but those who are interested in learning more.

I am most importantly interested in hearing from you.  Should you have ideas for the Foundation whether it be spearheading a new committee or suggestions on how the Foundation communicates the principles of Bitcoin, I would like to hear from you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Let us together continue to promote the global growth and utility of this phenomenal digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency that not only provides opportunities for financial growth but promotes freedom of speech and movement away from centralized control.

Bitcoin: Free the Market; Free the World,

Elizabeth T. Ploshay

Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation

email: etploshay@gmail.com

skype: elizabeth.ploshay1


Bitcoin Foundation Final Round Debate 

Let’s Talk Bitcoin BF Candidate Debate

Bitcoin Magazine BF Candidate Debate Transcript 


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