Organized Decentralization

Organized Decentralization is key to the success of Bitcoin around the world.  The best example of organized decentralization would be grass roots activism and organization.  Each member of the Bitcoin community serves a unique role and has a distinct voice and part to play in keeping the Bitcoin currency on a pathway to success, growth in value and utility and a global reach.  The Bitcoin Foundation has an opportunity to foster leadership on the local level and grass roots activism to promote the spread and utility of Bitcoin.

There are many talented individuals who comprise the Bitcoin Community.  As a member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I would hope to not only work to improve our layout of resources for leaders within the Bitcoin community to expand the utility and reach of Bitcoin, but I would also take the initiative to encourage individuals to step into leadership roles within the community.  In order to maintain a decentralized approach in moving the Bitcoin currency forward effectively, the Bitcoin Foundation must mobilize leaders within the community in all sectors.  In order to engage the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin Foundation can provide the tools and serve as a information aggregator for aspiring leaders within the community.

With a greater level of participation and leadership within the Bitcoin community around the world, Bitcoin has an even greater opportunity for growth.  While encouraging individuals to take responsibility and expand their outreach efforts to expand the size and scope of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Foundation will strengthen the decentralized nature of Bitcoin in an organized fashion.

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